Emission-free waste disposal with energy production


This technology is designed based on continuous, fractionated and recombinant heat treatment. In a hermetically sealed reactor, without the supply of atmospheric oxygen, in a reducing environment, not by combustion, but only by increasing temperatures (in the range of 500 to 800 ° C) molecular destruction and restructuring of complex spatial structures of high molecular weight and their fractionation.
The high efficiency and effectiveness of this process is enhanced by multicyclic molecular destruction and partial fractional distillation. Classical pyrolysis cannot do this without multicyclic destruction and restructuring of molecules. Multicyclic molecular destruction followed by fractionation has a positive effect on the quality of gaseous and liquid fractions and on the increase of their yield.


Waste to the processing line must be delivered in crushed form measuring 3×3 cm. The waste must not contain glass and metals and must not be toxic or hazardous waste. In terms of performance, mixed waste is the best. Waste can consist of biological waste, petroleum products (rubber, plastics, oils), sludge, municipal waste.

In the case of tires, separate processing is recommended.

If you are interested in disposing of waste not listed here, write to us.


Product is emision free electricty. Electricityhas an output of 0.5 MW / h at a line capacity of 100 kg / h. This electricity is classified as green electricity and can be sold or further used to produce hydrogen and the like.

Processing line

All values given here are for a line with a capacity of 100 kg / h. For higher capacity, the demands are directly proportional.

The line does not produce emissions and its operation is certified as emission-free. The line requires connection to electricity with 3 phase current 50A for 1-10 lines and the consumption of one line is 7kw / 24h.


The service is provided by online monitoring and automatic shutdown of the line in case of risk of failure. In the event of a fault, the service is carried out online by instructions or, if necessary, by a service technician in person. In the event of a fault, simply stop the line and disconnect it from the electricity if this did not happen automatically. The operation is fully automatic and one trained employee is enough for supervision. Warranties and service life of the line is calculated with the assumption of 24 hours of operation. The warranty is 2 years and the service life of the line is 10 years. Post-warranty service is provided throughout the operation.

Price and return

The price is 1 MIL. EUR for a capacity of 100kg / h. This price is indicative and can be changed. The stated capacity of 100 kg / h is also the smallest capacity in production. The return at full occupancy is up to 4 years and in case of interest we can also provide financing for the purchase.


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