About us

Futurotec J.S.A.
The company focuses on waste disposal using depolymerization technology, which is used to produce electricity or hydrogen. This technology:
It shall provide municipalities, landfills and waste collection facilities with feasible and efficient waste disposal without a carbon footprint.
It will help meet the growing demand for hydrogen and electricity from green (carbon-free) sources.

At both ends of our supply chain are customers who will benefit from our services and products. Customers will benefit from our service by having a way of disposing of waste, and customers for the collection of electricity and hydrogen are contractual buyers such as state distribution network for electricity consumption.
Worldwatch states that landfills are overcrowded and the cost of disposing of sewage and waste is rising. City leaders can relieve extended municipal budgets and prevent drinking water contamination. At least 13 countries in the EU have a maximum of 6 years or less until all their landfills are completely filled. We offer a service with which municipalities can dispose of their waste without having to be dumped anywhere.

Our service offers a viable, even desirable alternative to traditional waste disposal methods. Our product is a value-added factor that appeals to the growing environmental conscience of consumers. There is almost no direct competition. We intend to stand as a logical and economical choice for waste disposal in the region.
The mission of Futurotec J.S.A. is triple. Our first responsibility is to ensure the financial well-being of the company. Second, it is to provide economical and alternative waste disposal. Thirdly, it is to provide consumers with electricity and hydrogen so that they can benefit from green energy sources.

Market segments
Potential customers of our collection service are all those who produce or store waste. Our company aims to obtain a waste and consumer market worth 10 MLD. By gradually expanding capacities.

Ecological waste disposal and the production of green hydrogen and electricity are part of EU support and development plans for the next 7 years as a priority of government programs.

There are no full-fledged alternatives for municipal waste management. Our product is:
• Ecological: Disposal does not create a carbon footprint and is certified as emission-free.
• Produces: electricity.
• Waste: produces no waste.
We are a company that cares about the consumer and the environment. We offer a valuable product at low costs, which disposes of waste and landfills.

Waste disposal plants will primarily be set up as joint ventures with municipalities or existing waste treatment companies.

Futurotec J.S.A. with its registered office at Veľká okružná 17, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia, is registered as a joint-stock company with registered shares and registered in the public central securities depository of the Slovak Republic.
Its owners are the owners of its shares.

The development of the company is financed by the Environmental Foundations in full in the form of subsidies and partnerships.

“Our vision is a waste-free society. Almost all waste that ends up in landfills today can be used rationally.”

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